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The Whole Health Experience – 

Life Coaching:

I’m Wendie and I offer Whole Health Coaching in Katonah NY – I’m a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Weight Loss Coach, Life Coach & Mental Toughness Coach – I can help you get through all your obstacles regarding your nutrition and weight goals by tackling the obstacles that stand in your way, ie. time restraints, physical limitations, fears, mental blocks or just not knowing how to start. I will put together a comprehensive, step by step plan that is easy for YOU to follow because it will be tailored to your lifestyle.

I believe you cannot fix anything in the body, chronic illness or pain, weight gain/loss, anxiety, phobias etc., without looking at the whole person and seeing the effects our daily lives have on us. Life can be filled with stress, pressure, hard relationships, responsibilities and all these things can lead to the above ailments. The mind-body connection is what gives us a stomach ache,  headache, unfocused, unmotivated etc. when we are stressed. Or, on a positive note, feeling good and being happy makes us feel healthy and less achy. I treat my clients as a whole package. I give support by educating and helping YOU create a plan on an individual basis customized for each and every client I work with.

Part of Whole Health Coaching is discussing how YOU (the client) became the person YOU are today – What lead you to me? What do YOU need to change? What do YOU need to do differently, what is YOUR ultimate goal, and HOW do YOU get there?! Then we create THE plan!!

Nutrition Coach & Weight Loss Coach:

  • We will create a plan TOGETHER which will include dietary and fitness advice that YOU (the client) can adhere to and will bring you steps closer to your weight & nutrition goals. Each week we will go over that plan and adjust based on results
  • I’ll workout with you and train you for optimal results
  • I’ll eat with you and teach you healthy recipes you can enjoy day after day
  • We’ll go grocery shopping so I can point out to you what you should be buying and shouldn’t
  • I’ll teach you how to increase your metabolism and make your body burn it’s own fat for energy
  • I’ll cry with you when you tell me you can’t and I tell you YOU CAN!

The Whole Health Connection – What I can do for you! Personal Training, Nutrition Consultation / Meal Planning, Nutrition for Chronic Illness and Disease, Weight loss or Weight gain Plans and Guidance, Life Coaching with a concentration on Mental Toughness challenges and the Mind-Body connection through fitness and nutrition.

When it comes to Personal Training in Katonah, you have a few options.  There are some good trainers in town but here is my philosophy on Personal Training as a Group Fitness Instructor:

We all have goals for ourselves and sometimes it’s hard to achieve them, for many reasons; short on time, no support from family and friends, lack of energy, justifying that your goals are lofty and unnecessary. We all struggle to achieve our goals, but I can help with all the reasons WHY your goals are unattainable. I can help you with scheduling, support, choosing the right foods to work FOR your body to help you lose/gain weight, have energy, feel happy and believe in yourself! We’ll start with looking at food – how and what to eat, your medical history so we take into account your special body and then we’ll discuss how to workout. It’s all about getting that metabolism moving and making it burn FAT instead of sugar. That’s right! Let’s teach your body to use its own FAT for ENERGY! Fat is the best energy source for energy and it is readily available for use, but if your body doesn’t know how to use it, it won’t…..and that is where it all starts. It’s about the right foods and the right exercise. It’s very easy and I will teach you how. Call me or book online to set up your first session and let me teach you all I know.

Personal Training in Katonah & Group Fitness Instructor:

I offer small group training classes in my home gym in Katonah NY as well as private personal training sessions.  The group training classes are listed on the “Calendar” page of the website and registration for those classes as well as personal training is on the “Class Registration” page.  Our small group training classes range from strength to HIIT (high intensity interval training.)  In order to change your metabolism and use your own fat for energy you must increase your heart rate, HIITs is a great way to do that.  I will teach you in these classes as well as in personal training how to maximize the benefits of your workout and retrain your metabolism to burn fat and increase cellular respiration improving your heart health and increasing longevity. 

Start Feeling GREAT today and sign up for a class!

Personal Training in Katonah – Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Weight Loss Coach for Westchester County – Somers, Yorktown Heights, Katonah, Bedford, Mt Kisco, Chappaqua, Briarcliff, Cortlandt Manor, Brewster, North & South Salem, Ardsley, Armonk etc. – just to name a few.

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